Laure Malherbe

Consulting Director & CERTIFIED COACH ​


Her strong belief: everyone has an inner  treasure of Strengths and Resources. She helps managers, employees and directors to unleash their talents.

  • Developing a positive outlook to rediscover meaning and pleasure in everyday life
  • Clarifying your vision, finding your strengths and cultivating your drive to achieve your goals
  • Boost/recover self-confidence
  • Develop your posture as a manager-coach and let it shine through
  • Stimulate the creativity of teams by building on their strengths (co-development)


  • Certified Professional Coach RNCP by IFOD
  • Certified Gallup CliftonStrengths  Coach 
  • Certified ORSC Systemic Patrician
  • Trained in co-development and Non-Violent Communication
  • Adept at walking coaching


  • Engineering degree (HEI, Lille)
  • Experienced manager (23 years at L’Oréal) project manager for new product launches, purchasing manager, sustainable purchasing director and director in environment corporate team with exposure at COMEX level and management of international and multicultural projects/teams
  • Speaks in French and English


I know quite well the complex day-to-day challenges faced by managers: managing time, stress, complex relationships and situations, and yet getting on board to perform with team and achieve objectives has always been part of my daily life. 

I coach as closely as possible to these challenges, creating a safe, breathing space to welcome my clients as they are, with their diversity, their talents, their moment in life and their resilience. 

This sideways step is conducive to a change of perspective, to the enhancement of their own strengths and those of their teams. It’s a time for slowing down, experimenting and reconnecting with their emotions and sensations. It’s a time for informed decision-making and harmonious management. 

It’s a space where you can step back to prevent burnout, build momentum and boost team performance. In addition to my work as a coach, I’m passionate about supporting the changes needed to integrate sustainable development.

If I where a bird, ​I would be a tit !​

​TOP 5 Gallup

Positivity – Woo – Includer –Connectedness -Individualization

Laure Malherbe


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