Team coaching


What is Team
Coaching ?

Team coaching involves developing a team’s ability to work together – as a team – to collaborate and collectively build ideas, visions, projects, solutions and innovations.

What are the benefits of team coaching ?

Team coaching is often called upon to initiate or accentuate :

  • Team spirit and cohesion
  • The dynamics of cooperation, collaboration and agility
  • Commitment, individual responsibility and autonomy
  • The ability to do things differently and innovation
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Facilitation aimed at team
efficiency and mission quality contribution when working on “operational” themes.




Facilitating moments
of exchange, feedback and even confrontation to “regulate” group life and ensure it runs smoothly.




Providing models and analysis grids to help teams become
more aware of how they operate.

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Who can benefit team coaching ?

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  • Management committees (sharing visions, governance, steering cultural and organizational changes, business evolution, clarifying strategies),
  • Associates and business partners,
  • Departments or business units (transformations, projects, missions, contributions or organization),
  • Newly-formed teams (hypergrowth, departures and new recruits, mergers and acquisitions),
  • Collectives or ecosystems (associations, networks),
  • Cross-functional project groups.

The device team coaching

  • While there is a basic framework for team coaching, each team requires a different approach and a different approach to support. That’s why our Team Coaching recommendations are tailored to the challenges, objectives and initial functioning of the team.
  • For teams of more than 12 people, we recommend a pair of coaches, often male/female, with two different personalities, to facilitate the alliance with the team.
  • The most common framework is based on these different sequences, and we’ve included some other examples on the following slide.
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Sequences of team coaching

These 7 components can be performed as a whole or in part.


Anonymous questionnaire
available to team members for information and feedback.


Depending on the issues at stake, individual interviews, with all or part of the team, and the possibility of observing team meetings.

of interviews

Individual interviews based on what each person said and deducing a single priority line of work.


One-on-one sessions with sponsors/leaders to develop
a seminar.


Debriefing and assessment session at the end of the support.


3 to 6 work sessions on co-construction or anchor points,
2 weeks to 1 month apart,
with the team.


1 to 3 days of seminar
in one or two stages.

Models & Principles can be integrated


Personality and talent inventories such as the MBTI, DISC or StrengthsFinder. They can be explored during one of the sessions so that everyone gets to know each other and the collective knowledge is more mature.

These tools remain facilitators and pretexts for verbalization, making it possible to trigger awareness.


Co-construction processes such as game innovations, Legos or co-creation. These processes make it possible to show the team how it collaborates and to give it insight into how to go further and facilitate its functioning.

The systemic

With in particular the ORSC™ model (Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching)

Supporting a team means supporting a system in its own right, beyond the individuals in a team. This system has its own systemic relational intelligence (IRS™) modeled by the ORSC approach, and it is with this that we work to enhance team performance.

Our certified professional coaches

  • Are all certified GALLUP CliftonStrengths™ and ORSC™ Systemic Practitioners in addition to their individual coaching training.
  • Have professional experience of at least 15 years with managerial experience at different levels of the company and in complex and international organizations.
  • Offer a wide linguistic coverage of animation and support: French, English, Spanish.
  • Adhere to and follow the code of ethics of BIRDS Conseil as well as that of the professional coaching association to which they belong (ICF, EMCC, etc.).

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