Coaching for managers


Understanding manager coaching

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of business, managers are faced with increasingly complex challenges. Their responsibilities are no longer limited simply to supervising teams, but also include strategic decision-making, the development of new skills, and the achievement of ambitious objectives.

Key issues for managers

Difficult decision making
Managers often have to make quick, strategic decisions, which can be stressful and overwhelming without proper support. The pressure to achieve immediate results can lead to impulsive choices rather than considered decisions.
Lack of leadership skills
Transitioning into a managerial role requires specific leadership and management skills, skills that not all new managers have yet developed. This can affect their ability to motivate and lead their teams effectively.
Management of relationship dynamics
Managers must navigate complex relationships with subordinates, peers, and superiors. Internal conflicts, team diversity and generational differences can make this task even more difficult.
Evolution of managerial practices
Traditional management styles are changing. Managers must adopt modern managerial practices, focused on soft skills such as empathy, communication and collaboration, to remain relevant and effective.
Lack of vision and perspective
Being constantly in the heat of the moment often prevents managers from taking a step back to think about their strategy and personal development. Without this perspective, they may feel stuck in their current methods, which limits their growth potential.
Pressure to achieve set goals
High expectations for performance and results can create immense pressure on managers, impacting their mental and physical well-being. This pressure can also harm their ability to make informed decisions and innovate.
Difficulty integrating new skills
With rapidly changing technologies and markets, managers must continually learn new skills to stay competitive. However, it can be difficult to find the time and resources needed for this continuing education.

At BIRDS Coaching, we have designed an agile and adaptable coaching system, specifically for developing the managerial strength of your organization.

Our program, built around the specific needs of each organization, constantly adapts to reflect the evolving context of your business and meet your growing needs.

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Our business:
Support managerial
and relationship dynamics

We are much more than just a coaching service. Our job consists of accompanying Managerial and Relationship Dynamics, whether they are in search of performance, in a situation of dysfunction or in full transformation to build their future.

We believe in the importance of transforming managers and teams to drive organizational success.

What we bring to each support is a unique DNA that integrates three fundamental expertise.

Our three fundamental areas of expertise

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The systemic approach

Thanks to a common model, ORSC™ – Systemic Coaching of Organizations and Relationships, in which we are all trained, we bring a powerful systemic perspective to our support. This proven model is inspired by various schools of systems thinking. ORSC™ equips us with the essential tools, skills and postures to approach collective support, but also to explore the systemic dimension of individual support. Taking into account the system as a whole, developing relational intelligence, promoting awareness and giving systems the means to find their own responses are key factors for successful transformations.

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Managerial and leadership posture

Our expertise in management and leadership is reinforced by the professional experience of our coaches in various management positions and in a wide variety of company functions. This experience brings a pragmatic and adapted dimension to our support for managerial situations. We understand the challenges of managers and their teams thanks to our experience acquired in various environments in France and Europe. In addition, we strengthen this expertise through our practice of innovative management models such as Co-Active Leadership. This approach brings a different vision in the context of transformations and strengthens our ability to guide managers towards success.

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The Strengths and Talents approach

Choosing to develop your Strengths to seek performance, well-being and engagement, this is the paradigm shift offered by our CliftonStrengths™ method from Gallup™. Beyond our certifications, we are all fervent followers of this approach and have been deploying it in our support since 2019. The Strengths and Talents approach is a real catalyst for individual and collective commitment, which makes it a key element of successful transformations. If commitment is the driving force of organizations, it is an essential condition for the success of transformations.

Video Interview:
The changing managerial posture

Discover the interview with Nelly Dubout, founder of BIRDS Coaching and Training, on managerial posture.

Our manager coaching methods

At BIRDS Coaching and Training, we employ a comprehensive range of both traditional and innovative methods to ensure that each manager receives the most appropriate support for their specific needs. From the initial assessment to the development of an individual development plan, each phase of our approach is meticulously planned to optimize the potential of each manager. We also incorporate advanced technologies, such as tracking platforms and mobile applications, to make the coaching process as efficient and accessible as possible.

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Implement managerial fundamentals

The first brick of our coaching module concerns the in-depth implementation of the fundamental principles of management in the practices of your managers. Essential skills such as leadership, informed decision-making, inspiring and motivating teams, and effective conflict resolution are instilled in your managers through proven methods. This approach radically changes the way they approach management and establishes a solid foundation on which a future of success can be built.

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Affirm your unique managerial posture

Every manager is unique, and we celebrate this uniqueness. We support each leader in developing their unique leadership style. This approach allows each manager to gain confidence, communicate more effectively, and capitalize on their unique strengths to become a more effective leader. This approach is a powerful catalyst, enabling each member of your leadership team to reach their full potential, creating powerful team dynamics and movement toward increased performance.

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Promote collaboration and managerial unity

Our approach aims not only to build effective leaders, but also to form a united management team, focused on collaboration and efficiency. By introducing methods that distinguish unity and open communication, and instituting strategies to address recurring business challenges, we create teams that function as a single entity. They pool their skills and talents to achieve common goals. This leads to better team cohesion, optimized work processes, and a continuous improvement approach that moves your organization forward.

Our team of coaches

Quality is at the center of our mission at Birds Coaching. All of our coaches are HEC Executive Coaching or Linkup Coaching certified and members of the ICF or EMCC (professional coaching associations).

They also pursue continuing education to stay at the forefront of best practices in coaching.

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