Your challenges

To meet the challenges of your development and transformation

The BIRDS team accompanies you and your organisation to ensure you are actively involved in these transformations. We work alongside you to ensure that your development and transformations are successful. Together, we fix your priorities and the action to take and we support them sustainably. 


Today, companies need to adapt to their environments and change to remain competitive. To do this, they must implement the necessary changes. However, leaders often make the mistake of thinking that setting up a new method of operation is an easy process. We support you in your transition so as to help you in this process. Find out more

Adopting a strong management strategy is needed to accompany changes in a company and reach productivity goals. This requires the development of individual performances, including those of leading executives. Apart from their skills and experiences, managers must have special personal qualities and be motivated and efficient in their role, which is to lead a team of staff members. Find out more

Cohesiveness is an essential condition for the success of a team. Rallying your staff members in order to attain common goals is still one of managers’ priorities. It is also an opportunity for them to motivate their staff members so that they feel more involved in the life of the company. All these conditions must be met to attain the best possible performances of your teams. Find out more

More or less significant events punctuate the life of a company, especially when it is confronted with new realities and new challenges. To face this, the cohesiveness of staff members is more than ever essential. To bond a team, to associate them with the key moments of the company and accompany change, you must start by creating positive energy. Find out more

To carry out their main assignment, which is to manage a team of staff members, managers must have qualities, a strong management stance and the ability to carry out their duties. In order to do this, they may need to be trained continuously, but they must also adapt to a changing work environment. How can a manager’s skills be developed and which tools should be used?   Find out more

Our methods of teaching & coaching

We can offer you the most appropriate operating method for your context, or even combine several methods. 

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You will receive an operational roadmap and you will be supported in setting it up with supervision sessions. Possible deliverables: Formalising needs, interviewing people concerned, formalising written reports, recommendations and roadmaps.


You will discover how to connect to your own resources. Possible deliverables: Individual or group sessions, MBTI Reports, 360 Cubiks or other coaching tools according to your needs.

Bird - Icône - 10 - BIRDS Coaching et Formation


You will benefit from customised and personalised training programmes that call upon collective intelligence. Possible deliverables: Formalising expectations, writing outlines, support and review of significant progress.

How do you want to be accompanied?