Distance coaching

Individual or group online support with video platforms

What is
E-coaching ?

E-coaching, or distance coaching, is a modern and flexible approach to professional coaching that uses digital technologies to deliver personalized coaching sessions, accessible anytime, anywhere.
This format allows you to benefit from individual or collective support, adapted to your specific needs, without the constraints of travel.

Obstacles to managerial performance

In today’s professional world, where teleworking has become the norm, leaders and managers must overcome many obstacles to maintain and improve their performance.

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Lack of time for personal and professional development

Leaders and managers are often overwhelmed by their daily responsibilities, leaving little time for their own development. This lack of development can lead to ineffective decisions, loss of productivity, and professional stagnation, directly affecting business performance.

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Difficulty managing geographically dispersed teams

Managing teams spread across different locations or countries poses communication and coordination challenges, which can lead to misunderstandings, reduced cohesion and operational inefficiency.

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Adaptation to organizational changes

Rapid changes in the organization can cause stress, resistance to change and loss of direction, thus slowing the adoption of new strategies and technologies.

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Need for continuous and constructive feedback

For continuous improvement, leaders need regular and constructive feedback on their actions and decisions. Without it, they risk missing opportunities for improvement and professional growth.

At BIRDS Coaching, we offer tailor-made e-coaching that meets your specific needs, allowing you to maximize your potential and that of your team.

Our certified coaches are here to support you in your personal and professional development journey, while adapting to your busy schedule.

Why choose us for e-coaching ?

Skill developpement

Strengthen your managerial skills and leadership through personalized coaching sessions.


A coaching program designed to specifically meet your goals and those of your business.

Professional expertise

Benefit from the support of certified coaches with proven experience in professional coaching.

Confidentiality assured

Enjoy a secure and confidential environment to discuss your challenges and aspirations.

Flexibility and accessibility

Access coaching sessions wherever you are, whenever you want.

Advanced technology

Use advanced digital tools for continuous monitoring and enriching interaction.


Achieve measurable, lasting results, proven by many leaders and managers who have transformed their careers with our program.

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The advantages of our
remote coaching

  • Easily fit flexible coaching sessions into your schedule with our remote program. This e-coaching program adapts to your needs and availability, allowing you to progress without sacrificing your responsibilities.
  • Our remote coaching allows you to overcome geographical barriers. Thanks to platforms like Teams, Zoom and CoachingCloud, we ensure fluid communication and continuous monitoring to strengthen the cohesion of your teams, wherever they are.
  • Our remote accompaniment, individual and collective, is designed to facilitate the transition during organizational changes. We help you navigate these times with confidence and efficiency, strengthening your skills and resilience.
  • At BIRDS Coaching, we offer personalized spaces with shared documents and tools for continuous and constructive feedback. Our experienced coaches support you to break the isolation and provide you with valuable perspectives on your leadership.

Some examples of interventions carried out

Here are some examples of our successful interventions, illustrating the diversity and effectiveness of our e-coaching approach.

Accompaniment for executives taking up their position on foreign sites, facilitating their integration and performance from the start.

Development programs for new managers in organizations across France and internationally.

Follow-up and collective anchoring sessions after a seminar, ensuring the practical application of learning and the strengthening of team dynamics.

By choosing BIRDS Coaching, you are choosing a partner dedicated to your success, capable of transforming challenges into opportunities thanks to proven expertise and personalized solutions.

Our team of coaches

Quality is at the center of our mission at Birds Coaching. All of our coaches are HEC Executive Coaching or Linkup Coaching certified and members of the ICF or EMCC (professional coaching associations).

Also, they pursue continuing education to stay at the forefront of best practices in coaching.

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