Our know-how

Our added value to support you in your
management and relationship issues

What do we mainly provide to our clients?

Our knowledge of managerial and relationship efficiency.


All our teaching & coaching can take place face-to-face or online. The Covid crisis has enabled us to develop intelligent and proven know-how in online learning with international partners, such as CRR Global for soft skills and the CoachingCloud platform for digital technology.

Bird - Icône - 10 - BIRDS Coaching et Formation

Consulting & Integrated Transformation Projects, including management transformation: Coaching-Training-Facilitation. 

Bird - Icône - 9 - BIRDS Coaching et Formation -

Coaching: Management and Leadership Training, Relationship Coaching, Organizational Coaching, Team Coaching and Coaching & eCoaching Programmes.

Bird - Icône - 10 - BIRDS Coaching et Formation

Training: Management, Leadership, Skills for tomorrow: agility, innovation, collaboration, crisis contexts, with a hybrid of face-to-face and online training. 

Bird - Icône - 9 - BIRDS Coaching et Formation -

Facilitation: Seminar and key periods of a team, local democracy workshops, vision and alignment workshops and supervision of projects.


Many years
of experience

More than 20 years of experience in developing private and public organisations, managing changes in environments, such as digital technology and the Covid crisis, and applying good practices. All our coaches have at least 15 to 20 years of experience in companies in management and strategic positions. Today, they are developing their experience and the continuous learning of processes and support cases in a collective.

An inclusive philosophy
with a systems basis

BIRDS is the exclusive distributor in France of the ORSC™ Systems programme. Every coach in the collective is trained in Systems and in ORSC™ Relationship Systems Intelligence. In addition to this basis, they have all developed an inclusive approach: the approach or tool which is most appropriate according to the goals that are aimed at. Their coaching is based on recognized certification courses such as HEC Executive Coaching and on various tools and the ethics of the profession.

A special

We work on your situation, your talents and your risk areas, starting from the principle that ‘we all have the necessary resources within us to allow us to reach our objectives’. We do this by using the most appropriate solution- and results-focused approaches. We co-build the support programmes with our clients and adjust them in real time according to developments


As well as using our experience, training in professional coaching and ORSC™ systems coaching for each of our coaches, we can operate with all these recognized tools.

ORSC™ and RSI – Relationship Systems Intelligence – makes it possible to tackle all relationship issues: alignment, vision, collaboration and interpersonal efficiency.


Co-Active, experiential learning for transformation. Reinforced by the latest discoveries in cognitive science in the way we anchor learning, our Co-Active training offers immersive experiences that unlock our human potential, creating a space for the emergence of innovative, transformational and sustainable solutions.


The Gallup Institute’s StrengthsFinder™ is an innovative tool that identifies not only individual talent, but also a team’s talent, so as to develop around it.


The 360° evaluation enables the assessment of the skills, aptitude and behaviour of an individual, usually a manager, by calling on their entire professional circle.


The MBTI® questionnaire of psychological types, by Isabel Briggs Myers, is based on Jung’s typology. It helps you to understand how you work, your comfort zones and stress factors. The questionnaire is used both by teams and by individuals. 


DiSC is based on psychology and research and promotes interpersonal relations, commitment and collaboration in the workplace today, which is constantly changing. 

In addition to these tools and approaches, BIRDS Conseil uses other methods such as:

Co-development is an approach to learning based on interactions between participants and collective intelligence with specific protocols précis according to the point of view chosen.

The Innovation Game is a different approach for conducting a group retrospective and a visualisation of the future, such as the ‘Speed Boat’.

Co-creation or prototyping is a creation and collaboration process for developing agility and group innovation.

Identifying & assessing skills, aptitudes, qualities, talents and motivations, with the goal of defining and building a project that is both personal and professional

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Several formats and elements are available: individual and/or group online support, digitalization of coaching with customised spaces and tools groups of remote pairs, etc.

A process of supporting a team consisting in developing the ability of a team to work together, to collaborate and build  ideas, visions, projects, solutions and innovations collectively.   

We have designed a system for you to address the development goals of your management community.