Jean-Christian Mattei


Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Skills development : Coaching, Management, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Public speaking, Feedback. 
  • Growth mindset development : nurture curiosity & learn constantly
  • Learning Culture development : recommend blended-learning solutions (digital & human) to foster collaborative intelligence. 

Certifications & Tools

  • HEC Executive Coaching certificate : Expertise & Improvement
  • Situational Leadership®: Leadership Style (S1 to S4) in regards of engagement & competences level of each employee (D1 to D4).

Professional Background

  • 20 yearsexperience in Telecoms & consumer electronics goods for major international, multicultural groups. 
  • Lead EU training organization at BOSE, design & implement international programs in EU for Hard & Soft Skills. Design & implement training programs at BOUYGUES TELECOM. 
  • 10 yearsexperience in team management. 
  • Double education background:  science & business. 

A few words

« I am passionate about Leadership skills development in modern management that takes into consideration 3 culturespermanent learning (all modalities), feedbacks (that come from others), coaching (self-achieved or with a coach). I’ve been learning as a trainer and by being trained, I’ve been learning as a manager and by being managed, I’ve been learning as a coach and by being coached.
People leave managers… not companiesMy vocation is to build and promote outstanding learning experiences to foster both collaborative intelligence and personal growth. My ultimate goal is to accompany the management approach to enhance a stimulatingemployee experience »:  unveal and praise people inner strengths to bring sens and alignment between their individual contribution and the collective ambition.

If I were a bird, I would be … a bird of paradise 

TOP-5 Gallup

Responsibility – Learner – Relator – Adaptability – Communication

Jean-Christian Mattei

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