Alex Urda


Alex urda's Areas of Expertise

  • Developing and accompanying performance through effectiveness and efficiency
  • Relational Intelligence: systems support for teams and organisations
  • Multicultural development and support: bilingual French – Spanish

Certifications & Tools

  • Professional Coaching Certification: Centre Européen de Formation au Coaching / Linkup Coaching / Master II
  • Accredited Coach for European Institutions
  • ORSC: Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ICF)
    • Linkup Coaching Specialisations
    • o ‘Coaching managers, teams and strategic staff’ 

Professional Background

  • 21 years in major pharmaceutical companies

  • In charge of Project and Implementation for France e-visit at Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Sales & Trainer cardio-vascular business unit at AstraZeneca
  • Experience gained: line and matrix management, project leadership, communication techniques

A few words from alex urda

‘Companies and their managers are faced today with numerous challenges: intense competition, market globalisation and a turbulent economic environment. These challenges inexorably impact performance. The concept of performance is commonly used in organisational environments to designate a certain level of excellence. Coaching is defined as supporting a person or system designed to promote a better expression of their qualities, resources and skills. Drawing on the intrinsic professional qualities of the beneficiaries, the coach seeks to develop their performance and potential, express and reveal talent and overcome any obstacle preventing them from reaching of their desired objectives.

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He works in pairs with

Alex works in pairs with Catherine De Leonardi.

Find out how our team of coaches work together, as well as their unique techniques and methods.

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Nos binômes de coachs : Catherine De Leonardi & Alex Urda - BIRDS Coaching & formation
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Alex Urda

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his partner : catherine de leonardi

When your coaches co-lead, they regularly ask themselves the question: what are the keys to a duo’s relevance and success? 

  • A balanced and complementary synergy
  • Knowing and capitalizing on each other’s strengths and talents!

How does Alex Urda see CliftonStrengths? To fully understand the GALLUP Talent Inventory, please consult this page

Binome de coachs

What Alex sees in Catherine

“With Catherine De Leonardi, we share a natural and authentic side (that’s the RELATIONAL talent). I appreciate the fact that she is able to think of new ideas or questions beforehand (this is INPUT’s strength) to help shape the content of the seminars. On the big day, she’ll make sure that every participant is heard and listened to, and has their rightful place at the seminar (this is the INCLUSION talent). Her strength in taking things as they come (that’s ADAPTABILITY) and her enthusiastic temperament (that’s her POSITIVITY strength) enable us to cope with the hazards that can always arise.”

It’s because everyone is fully aware of their individual strengths and talents, as well as those of their partner, that the animation work can take on its full dimension.