Abigail Heathcote


  • Accompanying managers and trainers to develop their public speaking in English
  • Facilitating workshops on management, communication and leadership
  • RNCP Professional Coach, Institut Repère, Paris
  • PNL Trainer (Sue Knight)
  • Trained in the techniques of Singular Mediation (Conservatoire National des Arts and Métiers, Paris)
  • NLP, Palo Alto Approach, Process Communication, Clean Language
  • 14 years as a Communications trainer in French companies, outsourced to one of the world leaders of luxury industry
  • Trainer at l’École National des Ponts and Chaussées

‘When working as a coach with individuals, I’m interested in what makes people unique. I aim to create spaces of trust so that the individual can speak and think freely: I try to be as closely aligned as possible with what motivates them. Listening, real time feedback, and the ability to ask pertinent questions are the coaching skills I value most highly. During group workshops, I promote an approach to learning based on discovery through experience.’ 

If I were a bird, I would be a white peacock!

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Strategic  – Learner – Intellection – Input  – Ideation

Abigail Heathcote

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